Thanks to everyone who came out and also volunteered to make our Family Fun Night such a huge success! The second session of food service will begin right after the February break. This is the link to the Spring 2015 FOOD SERVICE FORM and forms have also been sent home this week in your child's home folder.

Congratulations to Peter Lavery who has been elected to represent CET on the District Health & Safety Committee.

Did you know that you can easily sync the CET PTA calendar to your own by choosing "add friend's calendar" and use the cetpta@gmail.com email.
Important: Remaining CET PTA Monthly 2014/2015 Meeting Dates
March: Monday, 3/9 at 9:30
April: Friday 4/10 at 1:00
May: Monday 5/11 at 7:30
June: Tuesday 6/9 at 7:30
Here are links to: Membership Form and ice cream form  
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PARP stands for PARENTS   AS    READING   PARTNERS ! Celebrate READING!!  PARP is a program designed to foster the love of reading by asking parents to actively participate in reading activities with their children.  Reading creates a strong, positive influence and builds a foundation for a lifetime of significant benefits.  Spending a short amount of time every day reading with your child helps "grow a reader" and raises the potential for academic and lifelong success. This year, CET is thrilled to participate in PARP with the following fun activities:
March 3rd-9th:    Create a Bookmark
March 9th-13th:  After-School Library Expedition & March 9th-13th:  Pledge to Read
March 19th: Trudy Ludwig Author Presentation for 1st-4th Grade Students and TeachersSigned books may be ordered by February 27th
March 19-20th:   Jonathon Kruk, Master Storyteller, will be visiting the CET Kindergarteners:
   To enjoy his stories at home, please return this form in envelope marked PTA- Jonathon Kruk by March 6th.
March 8th-14th: Use this scorecard to check off each day that you read with an adult (parent, relative, caregiver, etc.)  Your teacher will set a goal for your class and if your class achieves that goal, you’ll earn a special day in your classroom! Plus - calling all artists! Create your own BOOKMARK and return it to your teacher by March 9th.  The bookmarks will be on display in the front entrance of CET!!

FOOD SERVICE: Three days of food service will continue to be offered in the second half of the school year. Mondays: Franki’s Grill’s chicken fingers and baby carrots, Wednesdays: Quesadilla and mini burrito options from Mex to Go, Thursdays: Cheese pizza from Capriccio's. 
If you signed up for food service in the fall your child is paid up through February break.  If you wish your child to continue participating in food service you must complete a new set of forms and pay accordingly. Students that did not participate in food service programs in the first half of the year are welcome to sign up.  The second food service session will begin Monday February 23rd and run through June 18th
. We REALLY Need more help serving all this food to all our students. You know how awesome it is to not have to pack lunch on the days your child is receiving PTA Food service - so please help out.

4 things you might not know about volunteering for Food Service:
1. It is really fun and you get an awesome opportunity to hang out with your child during their lunch period 2. You don't have to volunteer for the same time slot every week 3. If you child doesn't order food service on a given day, you can still volunteer that day anyway! 4. You can feel free to bring younger preschool siblings - no problem! So - what are you waiting for? Here are the Sign Up Genius links:

Chicken Finger Monday Sign Up
Mexican Food Wednesday Sign Up
Pizza Thursday Sign Up
Any Questions, please use the following emails: 
CETchicken@gmail.com      CETmexican@gmail.com      CETpizzalunch@gmail.com

Pley.com rents out Lego sets in the form of a monthly membership.  There are 3 levels, or plans of membership, which are determined by the size of the set. When the child is done building/playing with the set you send it back free of charge and wait for the next one to be sent to you.  There is no time limit on how long you keep the set.  No charge for lost pieces! A nice option to choose is purchasing a gift card ($25, $50) that can be applied toward any membership plan.  For every new subscription to Pley.com, CET will receive $15.  Just go to www.pley.com and be sure to use the promo code "CET" when purchasing. Any questions: Jessica Drukin JMDigger@gmail.com

CET PTA Cares is dedicated to helping families in our school community that may need financial assistance. We provide scholarship money for food, school trips, books, and/or other necessary school items. This program can only be successful with the generous support of our community. Please consider a donation (checks made out to CET PTA) that may be sent to:  CET PTA CARES, 8 Gerstein Street, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520. Thank you for your continued support. Please contact Tricia Steinman (tcandas@msn.com) with any questions.

Welcome Back Teachers! Here is the new 2014/2015 Enrichment Request Form
and please remember to hand in your Teacher Membership Form

Please cut out and send in Box Tops! You can send them in in a baggie or envelope or have your child paste them to this fun print out. A special "Box Top Box" will now be in the CET main lobby. This year, money earned from Box Top collection will go directly to CET PTA Cares, a committee dedicated to raising funds through the PTA  which are used to help families in our CET community that may need financial assistance with school lunches and other necessary school items. As always, feel free to email cetpta@gmail.com with any questions.

Looking to order DVDs of school performances from previous years? Please email suzannegardos@hotmail.com

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