It is amazing to think that the school year is coming to an end. We would like to thank everyone who volunteered with the CET PTA in any way this year.  We couldn't have done it without your help and support. We wish everyone a safe and restful summer!

    Did you know that you can easily sync the CET PTA calendar to your own by choosing "add friend's calendar" and use the cetpta@gmail.com email.
    Important: Remaining CET PTA Monthly 2014/2015 Meeting Dates: May: Monday 5/11 at 7:30, June: Tuesday 6/9 at 7:30
    Here are links to: Membership Form and ice cream form  Plus: Please establish the CET PTA as your non-profit on Amazon Smile: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/13-6122064
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    We are a school district that is small in numbers, but BIG in volunteering! The CET PTA does so much for all our children, teachers, parents and community all year through. Many parents don't know what they would do without knowing their children can get three good meals each week at CET. Plus, year after year, we fund thousands of dollars of enrichment activities that have become expected and very appreciated "extras" for our children. But, all this doesn't happen magically - and we really need your help! Being part of the PTA is an amazing way to give back! Please consider taking a more active role. We are currently looking for the following positions. If you are interested in volunteering in any way or would just like more information about any of these positions, please email us at cetpta@gmail.com
    2 Vice President Executive Board Positions, 2 Scholastic Book Fair Chairs,2 Pizza Food Service Coordinators,2 Chicken Food Service Coordinators,1 Building Planning Council Member

    FOOD SERVICE: Three days of food service will continue to be offered in the second half of the school year. Mondays: Franki’s Grill’s chicken fingers and baby carrots, Wednesdays: Quesadilla and mini burrito options from Mex to Go, Thursdays: Cheese pizza from Capriccio's. Any Questions, please use the following emails:  CETchicken@gmail.com      CETmexican@gmail.com      CETpizzalunch@gmail.com

    CET PTA CARES Update:  On behalf of CET PTA Cares, I would like to send a huge thank you to our CET community. When we say your gift makes a difference, we mean it! Since last June, we have been able to take control of this program and make it sustainable. Because of your generosity, here is what we were able to accomplish: In the fall we gave 15 food scholarships, 1 class field trip, and 16 gift certificates to use at the Book Fair. This spring, so far, we have given out 14 food scholarships and 1 field trip. We have also set guidelines and proper procedures so that we can monitor how much money is needed and make sure there is enough for an entire school year. It also serves as a base of what we may need year to year. There is better communication with the families that are receiving the scholarships. We have created a way to raise money independently without relying on extra funds being taken from the PTA’s enrichment budget. Again, thank you for your generous support! Please continue to help raise awareness by sharing with friends and family so that we can keep this program alive!  Sincerely,Tricia Steinmann & the CET PTA Cares Committee Contact Tricia Steinman (tcandas@msn.com) with any questions.

    Library Expedition Tour a Success! Last month all CET students and their parents had an opportunity to explore our school library in a way unlike any before. The brain child of CET mom Claire Hilbert, the “Library Expedition Tour” was a way for students to learn more about the library and all it has to offer on a deeper level. Many students tend to check out the same familiar books and titles on their library day. One of the main purposes of the event was to open the students up to new ideas and subjects encouraging them to explore the plethora of books offered by the library. The event began with students listening to a book about the creation of the Dewey Decimal system and learned about the organization of the books in the library. Volunteer parents then served as “sherpas” and guided small groups of students through the various sections of the library highlighting different subjects and fiction books and book series. Afterwards, each student was given a card with a book title and the information needed to locate it on the bookshelf. Once they searched for and found the correct book (with help if needed) they chose a new, donated book to take home. Based on the popularity and success, there are plans to run the event again next year in the fall and spring. 

    Teachers: Here is the 2014/2015 Enrichment Request Form and please remember to hand in your Teacher Membership Form

    Please cut out and send in Box Tops! You can send them in in a baggie or envelope or have your child paste them to this fun print out. A special "Box Top Box" will now be in the CET main lobby. This year, money earned from Box Top collection will go directly to CET PTA Cares, a committee dedicated to raising funds through the PTA  which are used to help families in our CET community that may need financial assistance with school lunches and other necessary school items. As always, feel free to email cetpta@gmail.com with any questions.

    Looking to order DVDs of school performances from previous years? Please email suzannegardos@hotmail.com

    Carrie E Tompkins PTA

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